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Birth Control - Refill and New Start

There are lots of different birth control options now available in Canada. We are happy to provide refills and discuss new options for birth control if you are looking for a change, or if you are thinking of starting birth control for the first time. 

Book an appointment and we will refill / get you started based on your current wishes. 

A great resource for information around all available birth control options can be found at and


Intrauterine Device (IUD) Insertion

We are now offering IUD insertions (hormonal & non-hormonal) in clinic. 
If you'd like to discuss, please book an initial "Birth Control - New Start/Discussion" appointment and Dr Bennett will discuss all options/insertion with you, and provide a prescription for you to book a follow-up appointment for insertion. 


If you do not have private health coverage, we can offer the following IUD options:
- Copper IUD (5 year) - $75

- Hormonal IUD (5 or 7 Year) - $45 [application through compassionate program]

Early Pregnancy Assessment

If you have recently discovered you are pregnant and unsure of how this process looks, or what your options may be, you can book an appointment to discuss how to proceed and/or to confirm your pregnancy.

Here at Safer Six, we realize not all pregnancies are intended or planned, and not always the right time - even if you plan to have children in the future. If you recently discovered you are pregnant or missed a period, and it is not welcomed right now, we can review all of your options and discuss termination/abortion options if you desire.

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