What is SAFER SIX?


SAFER SIX is a safe space designed for all individuals, regardless of gender and sexual orientation to encourage more sexual testing and normalizing treatment as a part of regular everyday health screening for all individuals.  

We felt there was a service lacking for the citizens of West Toronto and want to fill that void.

SAFER SIX offers tests and treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Where possible, we’ll treat you at your first visit. However, not all infections can be diagnosed immediately – sometimes samples need to be sent off to laboratories and if we find any infection, we’ll contact you immediately to ask you to follow-up for treatment.

Our Doctors
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Andrew Bennett, MD CCFP

Originally from St. John's, Newfoundland, "Dr. B" moved to Toronto after completing his residency in Family Medicine at Memorial University. With a passion for sexual health medicine & giving back to his LGBTQIA2S+ community, SAFER SIX was created as a way to fill the need for more STI testing & treatment in a city with limited access to physicians and accessible, inclusive clinics.



Saturday Reception

Moving from just outside Toronto to downtown after high school, Andrew has a passion for healthcare administration and organization. Currently working for University of Toronto, his professionalism, excellent administrative skills, interpersonal skills, and dedication will be a great fit to the SAFER SIX team. He is also an avid dog lover and enjoys baking, something he learned early on from his grandmother.

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Monday/Wednesday Reception

Originally from Kampala, Uganda, Jedidiah is a writer passionate about history and working with community.

In his free time, he dances with friends.

(Photo by Elijah Holder)

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Thursday Reception

Roger is bringing his congeniality all the way from Rio, Brazil, to Toronto. Roger is an empath, communicator, and artist. Working at SAFER SIX is a realization of his skill to build community and goal to work with an incredible queer team, and give back to the LGBTQIA2S+ community. It is also a personal reminder that he can help bring change in the world for being exactly who he is. Now he wants to spread this message.

Tuesday/Friday Reception

A recent immigrant and long time transwoman, Madeline is looking forward to planting her roots once again. She takes pride in the variety of experiences her life has offered, and looks forward to helping others through theirs with compassion and a level head. To that end, what better place to start than at SAFER SIX? When she's not helping others, it is a near guarantee she's drawing comics, reading comics, or in the very least thinking about them.